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Step Up Your Mindfulness Practice By Incorporating This.

How to use candles in your meditation practice.

To meditate in short is just breathing. I’m sure you’ve heard or watched YouTube videos telling you to; breathe, acknowledge any thoughts that come to your mind, and let them pass. That is very correct! It took me a while to understand it.

To help you get it quickly practice this way...

Laying down or sitting comfortably, close your eyes. As you inhale say to yourself “breathe” as you sit still. Just repeat. As you breathe think breathe. When, yes when, you start to think of your to-do list or what made you emotional, go back to thinking BREATHE on your inhales. Focus on the inhale because you will naturally exhale. For those experienced in meditation, or if you are coming back to this post after growing your meditation practice, aim for deeper belly breathing rather than shallow chest breathing.

Now that we have an understanding of how to meditate let’s begin to incorporate your Soy Society candle. You can light more than one scent at a time to build a unique combination. You can stick to scent families such as Vitality and Wellbeing, which both contain Lavender essential oil. You can even make it exotic and mix an earthy and citrus scent to make your own personal oasis. Our scents are infused with various essential oils so pick according to what you want to gain or what resonates with your intention for your meditation. Essential oils quickly fill the space. Due to essential oils reacting initially, your senses acknowledge the live properties of the oils.

Dedicate 15-30 minutes of your time to this practice in a comfy, small space. Your body is magnificent and will begin to heal and use the essential oils as aids. Aromatherapy candles are encouraged for emotional conditions like stress, anxiety, and improved memory. Aromatherapy candles coupled with your willfulness towards a desired end result work hand-in-hand.

The benefits of essential oils can be exuded through exposure to the skin, inhaled, or ingested. Our candles allow you to inhale particles from the essential oils to the Olfactory System to positively affect us. Mostly our Limbic System, aka the emotional brain, is where the action is taking place.

We have included a list here of some essential oils and their benefits. Use this list as a guide to picking an aromatherapy candle for your meditation goals/needs.

Lavender: Relaxation, mental sharpness, and sleep.

Lemon: Improved mood, fatigue, and concentration.

Patchouli: Grounding, relieve anxiety, and lessen stress.

Jasmine: Confidence, stress reduction, and anger management.

Orange: Gently detox, reduce depression, and boost confidence.

Rosemary: Reduce exhaustion and feelings of loneliness, and improved memory

Eucalyptus: Clear breathing, invigorating, and relaxation.

Lemongrass: Energizing, Refreshing, and cleansing.

Tea Tree: Purifying and renewing.

I am not a medical doctor or an herbalist. Using essential oils is not to replace seeking medical attention from a professional. Some essential oils can be toxic to pets and contain allergens. This is my personal experience and advice.

Suggested Candle: Joyous. Balance. Elevate Suggested Book: What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter. Suggested Daily Inspiration: Let Go by Powerful Thoughts Meditation Club Suggested Affirmation: I inhale confidence and exhale fear. Peace begins in me.

Photo by Victor

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