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After being diagnosed with PTSD, Cormier adopted and mastered a range of wellness strategies that have helped her manage and even overcome many aspects of her anxiety, depression, and panic attacks — issues that are familiar to many of her followers. Above all, Cormier believes that we can all reSHAPE our inner voice to be supportive and generally positive. 

Jasmine is OFFICIALLY  a certified quantum life and success coach. She's devoted over 135 hours in studying skills and tools such as EFT, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and more to help her clients shift into their most radiant version. Among her other ongoing achievements in the wellness space, Cormier has undergone 250 hours of rigorous breathwork and teacher training to earn her yoga sculpt instructor and power vinyasa instructor certifications. Within the brands YouTube channel, Jasmine offers guided meditation and affirmation videos and yoga fitness for a well rounded emotion management practice. Be sure to take an upbeat and create candle making class hosted by Jasmine.

Businesswoman and motivational speaker Jasmine Cormier has gained widespread praise due to her recent speaking engagements. As a wellness leader, Cormier has facilitated events at both Texas State University and Khoros software company, including Texas State University's SSS and STEM Summit 2022.  Pre-recorded wellness and movement videos were hits with Amazon's AWS and the ACFE Women's Summit. For booking inquiries or more information, send us an email or use the booking link below. 



She was open and vulnerable. She had a story.

SSS Summit Participant

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