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I Wandered Until...

Why are you unhappy or feel that you aren’t whole? That was a constant thought in the back of my mind.

I’ve been operating in the wrong space. As a feminine woman I couldn’t see that within my business, where I spend a large portion of my time and resources, I have been projecting masculine energy. I’m feminine in my talk, appearance, and mindset. However, how I had been conducting business was manly. I fell into the whole “work is life” or “girl boss” or “hustle hard”. I was pursuing my business with money as the main goal. I’m not very worldly or focused solely on material gains, but I didn’t know how else to do it.

After a year and a half, I felt drained and exhausted and ready to close shop. I felt lost and unlike my usual self. I started admitting that to people around me. Telling others that I had lost myself was very uncomfortable for me to admit, but it was my truth in the moment. It was time for a change.

I changed the brand name from Soy Society Candle Club to Soy Society Wellness, but hadn’t included the wellness piece. That was where I needed to refocus but without proper direction all I did was re-brand with new labels and business cards. What a band-aid move. I just covered it up without truly working on the healing. I had this idea in my head that my yoga class was THE wellness portion. I was closed off by thinking it was the only way to do it. I didn’t have time to actually teach any classes, so I could have taken that as a sign to explore alternatives. At pop-up shops around the city, I was having a hard time connecting with guests who wanted to know what Soy Society is and what makes us different because honestly you can purchase a decent candle anywhere.

I’m launching this blog column to include what really speaks to my heart and connects my feminine energy into the company I love and want to grow. Coming to this realization has brought a new passion and joy to my life. I don’t ever want this business to be a labor of love. I seek for this to be an expression of the love I have for myself and those who want to truly inhabit a space that changes your world in many ways.

Mind: reading and connecting through the blog.

Body: meditating and lighting candles to change your atmosphere.

Soul: having a community of like minded individuals increasing their vibrations around them.

This is my call to action: “I got a Halo. I level up every time God say so." - Kendrick Lamar. No matter your spiritual or religious beliefs, I ask that when you get the urge to make a change that you step out on faith or explore your discomfort to address where this uneasy spirit is coming from. I will continue to post about my journey here on the blog, as well as self help practices of the sort. I want you to stay informed by subscribing to the blog.

Suggested Candle: Wellbeing. Brave. Vitality.

Suggested Daily Inspiration: When You Feel Lost by Tony Robbins.

Suggested Affirmation: My potential is limitless. All that I need is drawn to me.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

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