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The Radiance Effect workbook

The Radiance Effect workbook


Step into the profound journey of self-discovery with The Radiance Effect workbook.


In this transformative workbook, we delve into the essence of self-compassion and the art of rewriting our inner narratives. Uncover the radiant path to well-being, resilience, and joy as we guide you through thought-provoking exercises and reflective prompts. 


Be renewed and experience a full life where you stop playing small, your boundaries are respected, and you authentically shine in your work life, home life, and relationship life.


Grab your self-paced workbook now and begin on your radiant exploration, where each page is a step towards a more vibrant, authentic you. The Radiance Effect workbook – a guide towards a more brave, confident, joyful you. 


Jasmine Cormier, certified Quantum Life Coach, has crafted the Radiance Effect workbook and coaching program to shift "wall flowers" "late bloomers" and "the rose that grew from concrete" into a magnificent, thriving, and take-up-space woman the world can admire. This workbook is filled from cover to cover with insights and exercises that produce lasting change. Think of your workbook as your personal coach or wellness advisor. Show up weekly and complete the materials. Average coaching fees range from upwards of $337 per hour.


Your investment is one that will change your soil. 



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