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J A S M I N E  C O R M I E R

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Soy Society Wellness was started by Jasmine, a Yoga teacher, mind-body expert, and candle maker.


She chose to start Soy Society Wellness in hopes that her creations would inspire healing in others. Her hand-poured aromatherapy soy candles are custom-blended and made with 30 - 100 % essential oils.


These candles are a great way to add small touches of mindfulness to a busy routine and ultimately lighten your lifestyle.


In 2015, I was struggling to manage my anxiety and depression. With no treatment, I began to have anxiety attacks at home and at the workplace (office). Anti-Depressants were more of a way to get me started on better managing my mental health and not an end-all-be-all means of fixing the issue. In my soul search, I became a certified RYT- 200 Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Sculpt teacher. The mind-body connection strengthened who I was from the inside- out. 


Shortly after, I began my hand-poured candle collection to allow me peace through working with my hands. Creating aromatherapy candles grew my knowledge of essential oils, not only in my yoga practice but also their benefits in everyday home-life. Slowing down to hand make each candle keeps me grounded in my work and journey of mindfulness and wellness. 

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